The Police

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Lady of Delight

Just the kind of lady to really set you sailing

On emotion′s ocean

Just like a river she′s rolling on forever

Got you running around now you′ve found


Born In the ′50s

We were born

Born in the fifties

My mother cried

When President Kennedy died


Fall Out

I never thought of leading

I′ve got my own machine

And I′ve paid my dues all along

All set for breaking


Low Life

Fatal fascination for the seedy part of town

Walk down the street and your head spins round

Don′t be seen alone without your friends at night

Take a gun or a knife to the low life


Too Much Information

Too much information running through my brain

Too much information driving me insane

I′ve seen the whole world six times over

Sea of Japan to the cliffs of Dover


I Burn For You

Now that I have found you

In the coolth of your evening smile

The shade of your parasol

And your love flows through me


Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

Though I′ve tried before to tell her

Of the feelings I have for her in my heart

Everytime that I come near her

I just lose my nerve


Visions Of The Night

Gazed into the visions of the night

Seen the darkness fall

I′ve heard a mountain fall away from sight

Heard the thunder call


Walking In Your Footsteps

Fifty million years ago

You walked upon the planet so,

Lord of all that you could see

Just a little bit like me


Secret Journey

Upon a secret journey

I met a holy man

His blindness was his wisdom

I′m such a lonely man


Truth Hits Everybody

Sleep lay behind me like a broken ocean

Strange waking dreams before my eyes unfold

You lay there sleeping like an open doorway

I stepped outside myself and felt so cold


Only The Wind

Only the wind

can carry

my message to you

Only the wind


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