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Ridge Road




Growing up wasn′t easy for me, for my mama, for my daddy, life just wasn′t happy at all.


She Said


1, 2, 3, 4

Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe

Come, don′t stop


Fly Away

I wish I can grow some wings

And get up out of this situation

I do it with no hesitation, yeah

I wish I can know those things



[T-Pain Talkin′]

Haha, I get it down on the dance floor

Watch this, hey

You don′t even know girl


All The Above


Tell me what do you see

When you looking at me (woooahhhh)

On a mission to be


U Got Me

(feat. Akon)

New York City

All in Los Angeles California

From the drive lanes to the open seas baby


Ur Not The Same


Hmm hmm hmm hmmmm.......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhohhhhhhhhh

Ohohohohohhhhhhh ohhhhoohhhhhhhh

[Verse 1 - T Pain]



[Intro - T-Pain]





Dance Floor


I got the hat, I got the shoes, I got the outfit

I go outside and pick the right I′m gon′ go out with

But right before I hit the streets



[plies talkin:]

What′s happenin homie dis ya boy plies man hey pain tell ′em

Bout your shawty ima tel em bout mine

[chorus: t-pain]


Studio Luv


In the studio, in the studio

Studio oh, oh

Girl just close your eyes


Hey Baby

So listen up

Let her go, lalala

Baby girl wanna play, let her go

Said let her go, lalala