Soraya Arnelas

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Sweet Dreams

Sweet dreams are made of this

Who am I to disagree?

Travel the world and the seven seas

Everybody′s looking for something


Live your dreams

Could do you follow when you’re lost in your dreams

Could do you whisper your sweetest melodies

In the darkness and the moonlight

You’re searching for the one


La Noche Es Para Mi

Vuelvo a mirar, tus ojos son un volcan

No escaparas, tu fuego dira la verdad

No importa si quieres o no, porque hoy mando yo

Come on and take me, come on and shake me


Send Me An Angel

Do you believe

I don’t tell a lie

Do you believe in heaven above

Do you believe in love


Because The Night

Take me now baby here as i am

pull me close try and understand

desire is hunger is the fire I breathe

love is a banquet on which we feed


Tarzan Boy

Jungle life

I′m far away from nowhere

On my own like tarzan boy

Hide and seek


Mi Mundo Sin Ti

Que es mi mundo sin ti...

Que es mi mundo sin ti

Sin mis manos atadas a tus pies

Que es mi mundo sin ti


Gonna Get Along Without You Now

Uh huh hmm hmm gonna get along without you now

Uh huh hmm hmm gonna get along without you now

You told me I was the dearest thing you even asked me

to wear your ring


Girls Just Want To Have Fun

come home in the morning light

My mother says when you gonna live your life right

Oh mother dear we′re not the fortunate ones

And girls they want to have fun


Just Can′t Get Enough

When I′m with you baby,

I go out of my head

And I just can′t get enough,

I just can′t get enough


Crame Este Amor

Dime que aun me miras cuando ves sus ojos

y al besar sus labios solo estan los mios.

Dime que no sabes encontrar, el modo de arrancarte las caricias que una vez te di.

Dime que aun mi nombre suena en tu silencio,


Call me

Hey how long I′ve been waitin′ for a love so tender

hey hey hey how long can I stay without your touch I wonder

you you you you tell me you can ever know oh loneliness

hey my love no no don′t leave me on my own please


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