Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Road Trippin′

Some come up and some come young

Live to love and give good tongue

Sit down get down in the sun

Rocket to the woman is on the one


Throw Away Your Television

Throw away your television

Time to make this clean decision

Master waits for it′s collision now

It′s a repeat of a story told


Right On Time

Dusting off your savior

You were always my favorite

Always my man - All in a hand

To celebrate you is greater


Emit Remmus


Are you wasting away in your skin

Are you missing the love of your kin

Drifting and floating and fading away


Parallel Universe

One shot all I need


Break my heart so I can start



Torture Me

Because I′m happy to be sad

I want it all I want it bad

Oh-oh, it′s what I know

A vintage year for pop I hear


Dani California

Dani California

Gettin′ born in the state of Mississippi

Poppa was a copper and her momma was a hippie

In Alabama she was swinging hammer


Stadium Arcadium

Bells around St. Petersburg

When I saw you

I hope I get what you deserve

And this it is where I find


Scar Tissue

To finger paint is not a sin

I put my middle finger in

Your monthly blood is what I win

I′m in your house now let me spin



I got dosed by you and

Closer than most to you and

What am I supposed to do

Take it away I never had it anyway


Hump De Bump

Forty detectives this week

Forty detectives strong

Takin a stroll down Love Street

Strollin is that so wrong


I Could Have Lied

There must be something

In the way I feel

That she don′t want me to feel

The stare she bares cut me


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