Jonas Brothers

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Can′t Have You

You warned me that you were gonna leave

I never thought you would really go

I was blind but baby now I see

Broke your heart but now I know


Move On

Wouldn′t it be nice if I had some tissues

Wipe away the tears that′s right you got issues

Why do you keep asking questions when I don′t care

And how many times will it take you to figure out


Kids of the future

We′re the kids

We′re the kids

We′re the kids of the future

We′re the kids


Things Will Never Be The Same

Try to fall asleep tonight

i lay awake and dream of life

When we thought we could make it

Wasted all our time



I make the most of all this stress

I try to live without regrets

But I′m about to break a sweat

I′m freakin′ out


L.A. Baby


(Shes a)


(Youre my)


World War III

Tonight I walked into the bedroom

You were visibly upset

Tellin′ me I made a bad move

But I didn′t do nothin′


We Got The Party

(feat. Miley Cyrus / Hannah Montana)


Come on guys tell me what we′re doing

We′re hangin′ around when we could be all over the place


Letting You Down

Word on the street is that you aren′t into me anymore

You promise you′d come to me anytime, anywhere

That was before

? ?


Kung Fu Grip

She′s got a smile.

That I’d die for.

Everyone knows, that I’m

A prisoner of war, for her.


Poison Ivy

I just got back from the doctor

He told me that I had a problem

I realized it′s you

I tried to scratch away the issue


Pizza Girl


Showed up

At my door



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