Jon B.

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Everybody′s in the major leagues

Ain′t nobody wanna be straight up

I see the hotties on the way to work

They be waiting outside the club


I Do


So whatcha say boo

If I asked would you say

I do, I do, I do


Pants Off


Hold up, let me take my pants off, baby

Hold up, let you make love to me, baby

Hold up, let me take my pants off, baby



(feat. Faith Evans)


Lady love bring it around girl

We found this love girl


Love Hurts

Sometimes love can feel

Like the closest thing to heaven

Sometimes love can feel

Like you′ve been run over by a car


Cool Relax

I was just coasting away

And wasn′t even thinkin of anybody no

You took my mind sexy no doubt

Envisionung turning u out


Let Me Know

Girl I knew the first tme

That I saw your pretty eyes

It was gonna take a damn good line

To make a girl like you surprised


Someone To Love

Don′t even like to think about it

I don′t know what I would do without it

I only know I live and breathe for your love

Baby you came to me in my time of need


Keep It Real

Verse 1:

Me and You

Been kickin′ it for sometime

Shorty, you ain′t let me know what′s on your mind


Time After Time

I learned so much about love

Since I′ve been by your side

And you spend all your time

Knowing what you′ve done for me


Are U Still Down

feat. 2Pac Shakur


Girl it′s alright, baby

′Cause it′s there in your eyes yeah


Mystery 4 Two

So I guess tonight kinda had that flow

I heard you say "go for what you know"

So I took upon the thought of meeting you at 12:00

For a private little rendevous


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