Janet Jackson

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Rock With U

(I want to rock with you)

I want to rock with you

Just once

(I want to rock with you)



Aaah you make me up and down through emotions

Like a rollercoaster

Spinnin like a ferris wheel

Aaah you turn me upside down with my feelin



It′s after midnight

And everyone′s in their room

And I′m just waiting for the lights to go out

But in the mean time



Wake up 7 am

Bout time we do it again

Sushine today

I better make plans



Light Skin, Dark Skin, My Asian Persuasion,

I Got them all that′s why these girls out here hatin

Cause I′m sexy

Do you like my style


So Excited


You get me so

Get me so excited

I′m hot, come on, so get it ready


So Much Betta

Tired of being number 2

I can do what she can′t do

So much betta I′m for you

So so much betta I′m for you


Love 2 Love

We are a couple

Whose love knows no bounds

And pleasure is double

Whenever you′re around


Never Letchu Go

A funny thing bout luv we choose

It ain′t perfect but we do the best we can

Do U understand

And I luv U more than words can say


This Body

Saw the cover

The finest girl that you′ve ever seen

Just had to buy me

Had to try me


Show Me


You get me so

Get me so excited



Greatest X

My momma told me that this could happen to me

That he would grow to be this sexy man

But I just couldn′t see

Cause I had my blinders on


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