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Shatter Me With Hope

The girl who cried at "love, won′t you come and play

with me?"

You can be Cassandra, underneath the sword of Damocles

We′ll tear this baby apart wise like Solomon


Death is in love with us

I know it hurts too much

I know that you′re scared

I know you′re running out of trust

Wishing you were dead


Bleed Well

You had demons to kill

Within you screaming

With a gun loaded with guilt

You opened their eyes


Serpent ride

Upon the wings of the dream

She rides

Oh she comes to me

Fills me with light


Beyond Redemption

Oh I see your scars I know where they from

So sensually carved and bleeding until you′re dead and gone

I′ve seen it all before beauty and splendour torn

It′s when heaven turns to black and hell to white


Love, The Hardest Way

Love′s like the eyes pelting teardrops in the rain

To the sound of chug bolts seem to play with nails

For what it′s worth

I don′t wanna see you hurt anymore



You only see what your eyes want to see,

how can life be what you want it to be.

You′re frozen when your heart′s not open,

you′re so consumed with how much you get.


Disarm Me

The promise of heaven pushed us right back to hell

Turned three sevens into three sixes again

And you laughed at my face when i told you how much it



Poison girl

I did it all just for her

I did it all just for her

And love′s heart is death

For me and my poison girl


The Beginning of the End

Your world is coming to it′s end

But you don′t have to be afraid - I′m here for you

Save your happiness for tomorrow

And today we′ll drown in your tears


One last time

Is it so hard to believe our hearts

Are made to be broken by love

That in constant dying lies

The beauty of it all


The Cage

For years I′ve seen you fighting

Against your heart

Living like you′re dying

So far from the sun


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