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Tempus Vernum


Oceanus, maritimus,


Opacare, matutinus,


Wild Child

Ever close your eyes.

Ever stop and listen.

Ever feel alive.

And you′ve nothing missing.


Only time

Who can say

Where the road goes

Where the day flows

- Only time


May it be

May it be

An evening star

Shines down

Upon you



You know when you give your love awayit opens your

heart,everything is new.And you know time will

always find a wayto let your heart believe it′s

true.You know love is everything you say;a


One By One

Here am I

Yet another goodbye!

He says Adiуs, says Adiуs,

And do you know why


Deora Ar Mo Chori

Ba dheas an lб go oнche

Na glуrtha binne i mo thaobh

′S aoibhneas i gach бit gan gruaim

Бthas ar mo chroн go deo


Floras Secret

Lovers in the long grass

look above them

only they can see

where the clouds are going


A Day Without Rain

Who can say where the road goes,

Where the day flows?

Only time...

And who can say if your love grows,


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