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I′m going to break my legs in silence

in the house

in the field

where we left you to die


Following the Sun

Following the sun, to find the one

Who`s giving you the wings to fly

Following the sun, the golden one

Losing sense for space and time


Out from the Deep

We came out from the deep

To learn to love, to learn how to live

We came out from the deep

To avoid the mistake we made


Callas Went Away

Callas went away

but her voice forever stay

Callas went away

She went away


Modern Crusaders

Don′t look back

The time has come

All the pain turns into love

Were not submissive, were not aggressive


The Cross of Changes

If you understand or if you don′t

If you believe or if you doubt

Theres a universal justice

And the eyes of truth


Age Of Loneliness

(Curly M.C.)

Carly don′t be sad

Life is okay

Life is mad


Hello And Welcome

Hello and welcome

At your own risk

You′re always welcome

Without guarantee


T.N.T. for the Brain

Smell your skin

Feel your breath

You on my side

I couldn′t resist


The Same Parents

We all had the same parents

Many million years ago

Why can′t we live in freedom

Without hunger, with no war?


The Gate

Closest approach to earth

34,600,000 miles

Mean distance from the sun

141,600,000 miles



I was childish and unfair

To you, my only friend

I regret, but now it′s too late

I can′t show you any more


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