Drowning Pool

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Cast Me Aside

So you think that you got it all figured out

I told you, you′ve got no clue what it is all about

Now you want to cling to the next big thing

Be part of the scene and ride the big machine


Upside Down

Come on

Born to lose maybe, but not through you

Not like you, thank your God, not, you′re too confused

Little one what I need aint what you bleed



And this blood on my hands

No it won′t go away

I′ve been out on this road for days

And the fear on the wall


Feel Like I Do

I got too many needs

And the brand new scar

So come along time

Just to see how far



Shouldn′t have that far to go (that far to go)

The less you think the more you know

It seems the dream is impossible (3x)

Never made a difference so why should you


The Game

Time to play the Game

Time to play the Game

Time to play... THE GAME!

It′s all about The Game, before life can rest...



Let the bodies hit the floor

Let the bodies hit the floor

Let the bodies hit the floor

Let the bodies hit the floor



My life served on a plate

For all of you to eat

Take my love and hate

But what is this inside of me


Rise up

I will sit right here and bide my time

As long as it takes to get what′s rightfully mine

And I won′t be denied

′Cuz all I′ve got left is my pride



Bend me shape me misdirect me

It′s all the same to me

Look at all this useless talk

Upon the cross


Tear Away

I′m tearing away

Pieces are falling I can′t seem to make them stay

You run away

Faster and faster you can′t seem to get away


I Am

I′ve never felt so alive

I′ve never had to run and hide

The things I want I cannot have

The things I need are all so bad


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