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My Lover′s Gone

My lovers gone

My lover′s gone

His boots no longer by my door

He left at dawn


Who Makes You Feel

I don′t touch you the way I used to

I don′t call and write when Im away

We don′t make love as often as we did do

What couldn′t wait


Us 2 Little Gods

Walking home, burnt and red

"Sticky thin" he said

Let us go down in the woods

"Can you be careful?" she said


Thank You

My tea′s gone cold, I′m wondering why

I got out of bed at all

The morning rain clouds up my window

and I can′t see at all



We can make it rain again

I′d feel like I belong

Let′s make it cold again

I′m not ready and it′s wrong


Sand In My Shoes

Two weeks away it feels like the world should′ve changed

But I′m home now

And things still look the same

I think I′ll leave it to tomorrow till unpack


Look No Further

I might have been a singer

Who sailed around the world?

A gambler who wins millions

And spent it all on girls


Northern Skies

"I have returned to the northern skies"

I have returned to the northern skies,

Where the summer had not touched

The clouds that pass above.


End Of Night

Only now it`s gone

I can see the year

See for what it was

And start another day


White flag

I know you think that I shouldn′t still love you

I′ll tell you that

But if I didn′t say it

Well, I′d still have felt it


The Day Before The Day

Speeches won′t be made today, clocks will carry on

Flowers won′t be left in parks, work will still be done

People won′t be dressed in clack, babies will be born

No flags will fly, the sun will rise,


For One Day

If I had the chance for just one day with you

One day release from here and all that you go through

Well I′d get you dressed and I′d get you out

And I know you′d be fine as soon as we broke out


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