Bring Me The Horizon

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I am the only son of a bitch with a brain

I am hearing voices but


Don′t Go

I was raised in the valley

There was shadows of death

Got out alive but with scars I can’t forget

This kid back at school


Football Season Is Over

Why the fuck can I not hail a taxi?

Arm out like a nazi

Every cunt′s driving past.

Where the fuck is every one?


It Was Written In Blood

Goodbye my friend, goodbye..

My love, you′re in my heart..

It was preordained that we should part,

And be united by and by, united by and by..


The Comedown

Here I am, once again..

Just like a pack of wolves..

The skies were once paved with gold,

Now they rain on us all..


Pray For Plagues

She starts her new diet of liquor and dick,

Just like Hollywood, but laced in sick,

The sun goes down, and so does she,

The sun goes down, and so does she,


Death Breath

The sun goes down, we come out.

A different party in a different city.

The sun comes up, we come down.

We lived fast and died pretty.


Off The Heezay

Off the Heezay..

I′ve been taken from your arms so many times..

I′ve felt this before..

The sheets are tangled,


It Never Ends

It stated off with a one night stand and leaded to a fling.

I′m sorry to all the soilders, who didn′t see me as a fake.

All you feel and all you want, you still need your blood.

Talons raised diffrent now you′re up to no good.


The Sadness Will Never End

Our legs begin to break..

We′ve walked this path for far too long..

My lungs.. They start to ache,

But still we carry on..


Suicide Season

We stare at broken clocks,

The hands don′t turn anymore..

The days turn into nights,

Empty hearts and empty places..


(I Used To Make Out With) Medusa

Dead hands clutch my arm

The smell of death fills the air

Her fragrance,

Her carcass reanimates.


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