Brandon Flowers

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Swallow It

Seek out the light between

Time and confusion glowing up ahead

Instead of slipping through

You bit off more, much more than you could chew


Hard Enough

You let me in to your life unaware that there was magic and fire in the night

And back then I was just a little boy

I made mistakes that caused you so much pain

All I know is that I′m older now


Was It Something I Said?

Me and Valentina went down to the chapel but the gates were shut

I had my vows on my pocket and my gold plated ring for my honey love

We headed down Tropicana to the corner with a late night restaurant

We sat close from each other when I looked her in the eyes there was something gone


Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts

Hah. Hah. Hah. Hah. Hah Hah.

Is there anyone out there?

Somewhere I can belong

Man the city just stayed so kind tonight


Only the Young

Look back in silence; the cradle of your whole life.

There in the distance, loosing its greatest pride.

Nothing is easy, nothing is sacred. Why?

Where did the bow break?



There’s a still in the street outside your window

You’re keepin’ secrets on your pillow

Let me inside, no cause for alarm

I promise tonight not to do no harm


On the floor

When the lights go down in the city

Getting real low

Settling in my room

I′m unnoticed



Slow down your mind

Fill the unknown spaces with truth and lie

If you can find the time

And time seems so slow


Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

You woke up in the rusted frame

Burned out old Deville

Your legs are shot and they′re flushed with pain

But you can′t keep them still


Playing with fire

Daddy, I′m not gonna tell you that I′m sorry,

But there aint nothin you can do to change my mind.

I′m not here to know the things I cannot do,

We′ve seen the outcome of the Boy′s Who Didn′t Fly.


I Came Here To Get Over You

I came here thinking I could ease the pain

I came inspite of other′s good advice

I came here thinking sweet, sweet revenge

Bring me some sugar, let the games begin


Right Behind You

Asked by the door to get to heaven

Seven trumpets big and bright

You hear it coming in the middle of the night

A caution to the children


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