Bloc Party

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Ion Square

Ion square, perspex swings

I breathe out, you breathe in

Permanent midnight

Our love, our love



I am on

Switched on

A sudden clearness, a clarity

Hidden away, in every locked toilet


Trojan Horse

You used to take your watch off before we made love

You didn′t want to share our time with anyone

You used to close your eyes when we kissed goodbye

You didn′t want to see me draped in sadness



For my sweetheart the melancholic, you have crossed the river styx

And the waves have taken you away

As I lay my head on your chest, I can hear it your veins

Wake me up when u come to bed


Positive Tension

He said you′re just as boring as everyone else

When you tut and you moan

And you squeal and you squelch

He said that you′re just as boring as everyone else


Price Of Gas

I′ve been driving, a mid sized car,

I never hurt anyone

Is that a fact?

The price of gas keeps on rising



Walking in the countryside

It seems that the winds have stopped

I took down the posters from my wall

Left letters for you all


One Month Off

Well there were 7 years between us seems that all my friends were right

That we can′t survive on your bedroom eyes and a Spanish guitar

When we started this it was paradise, not just Bethnal green

And it′s just not right this waiting game, making a cuckold of me



It was your hair that did it

It was your hair that lit the fuse

A golden brown halo

Like sunlight peering through trees



Wake up dreamer

It′s happening without you

Cut your hair and shave your beard

You squandered your chances



War war war war

I want to declare a war

My fist breaks your porcelain nose

There are other things that hands can do


Chinese Burn

Hurry up boy

You′re making me wait

Twist my arm boy

Chinese burn


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